Friday, May 21, 2021

What is Test Design and Test modeling

 Test modelling - Activity of representing system/feature under test as a model. 

A sample hierarchy


        Entities/Objects/Users (Roles)

            Dependencies between objects

                Relationships - IS A and HAS A (Type and containment)

                    One to one, One to Many

                        Properties (variables and constants)

                                Values (domain) of properties

                                    Default values, boundaries of values

                                        Combinations of Values to create test scenarios

Object - Action - State Change.

List actions on each objects.

Create a map of what will happen when an action on object happens

Simultaneous actions

Dead locks


how do we use  BB design techniques

EQ partitioning

State machine

Decision Tree


Take  a par of variables and create a Grid.

GUI Testing check lists (applicable to new GUI)

Static vs Dynamic Models

Model - when nothing is happening. No user interaction

Dynamic - when users are interacting

Time element

It might help to user Object Oriented Design to represent above idea.

There are objects - have properties and functions.

Nouns and Verbs

System will have objects/entities. Objects have properties, properties can be constant or variable.

Take each variable - explore the domain of the variable. See what kind of values it can take and 

String these variable values into test scenarios.

This act of modeling - goes through iterations. It's like a photo film negative development. With each iteration  - various features of system start showing up.

Idea of Test coverage -

Imagine a 2 D shape - area of features in two dimensions.

Covering area means exercising the walking through the area.

how about Volume ? 3rd dimension - features and values

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