Thursday, November 30, 2006

Launching Indian Software Testing bloggers community ...

Are you someone from India or of Indian origin?
Do you work in/for Software Industry?
Do you do or have interest in Software Testing?
Do you read blogs on software Testing?
Do you blog?
Is Software Testing is your passion?
Do you believe in sharing knowledge in software testing community in India?

Friends – if ,answers to one or more of above questions is “Yes” – please send me an email – I am launching “Indian software Testing bloggers” community – a Platform all passionate Indian Bloggers out there. I need your support, energy, passion to build this community.

I have thought of one or two ideas as how do I host the community on the web, what is the charter of the community etc … please share your comments ….

Let us start this with a small step – who knows one day might take the shape of big “Revolution” in Indian software Testing.

I already have notable people like Pradeep S (who blogged recently calling Indian testers to starting blogging here) with me and guidance and blessings of world renowned visionaries like - James Bach, Michael Bolton.

Here are my contact details –

Shrini Kulkarni
Cell: 91-9945841931

“What topic in Testing you want to blog today?”

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Story of a Test case ....

A Test case or Test is an important entity that we as testers create/use/work with as part of our testing activities. What if a test case were to come Live like a living thing or Ghost and were tell it's story or it's life cycle ---

Here is how it MIGHT go ...

• Born – in word document or excel or in some text file or HTML form of web based test tool – very rarely in the minds of a tester.
• Some form of Reference document (requirements, design or Functional Spec) is considered to be my one parent while my other parent is Application behavior that I am suppose to check and verify.
• I exist for proving that my both parents are one and they don’t have conflicts.
• My body structure is such that when one of my parents changes it’s shape or form – I need to change otherwise I temporarily get dumped and do no exist –get invalidated.
• I live in different types - manual, automated, semi automated, documented, un documented, versioned and non versioned, In test management tool, in informal documentation.
• I am a countable *thing* though I differ from my siblings, cousins, friends in may ways.
• Named by a tester and pushed into some repository I have an ID
• I am referred in many ways like test, test case, Test idea, Test spec, Test procedure, Test pack, Test set
• Sometimes I am too detailed that a school kid can execute me by following the steps and sometimes I can be very tricky. Some time I become very lengthy and some times just a one liner – “Verify this….”
• Sometimes I have hard coded data and some times I will not have expected results. Some times my internal parts contradict each other.
• I get classified as “simple, medium and complex” so that people can measure time for creating or modifying, automating or executing me
• I get a graduate degree when I people start calling me as ‘Regression test” – I need to pass every time I get executed.
• Developers hate me when I fail and managers would like see only “passed” tests.
• Some times I am called unit test or some time end to scenario
• Some one will review to confirm that I am indeed born to my logical parents
• I tend to loose my identity when some one automates me and forgets me that I ever existed.
• Some tester adopts me and uses me and abuses me and cruelly compares me against my parents and declares that I pass or Fail.
• I just go into hibernation mode every now and then (when either or both of my parents change their form and shape)
• I am at mercy of tester to look for me changes that might be required to bring me back to life (from hibernation)
• When one or both of my parents change their form and shape OR when one or both of them die (Feature deleted form the application and reference document) – That is the end of my life – I get deleted.

Interesting Right?

What is the story of your Test case?


Some more interview tips - Questions that you should ask to the interviewer ...

Continuing from my last post on this topic, I would like to touch upon an interesting and important aspect of a job interview from job aspiraint's point of view.

1. Asking questions about Employer and his company
(Demonstrate that you have researched about the company and (already)know any publically available information)

i)Nature of business, Size, office locations, Company's history
ii)Company's achievements in the recent past
iii)Company's Financials
iv)Organizational hierarchy and the where the position for which you are being interviwed fits
v)Information about competators
vi) Ask about customers and company's standing in it's operating domain
vii) Company's future plans about consolidation, diversification, expansion etc

2. Other high impact questions

i) What are the immediate challenges that you [the manager doing the interview] are going to face in the next 3 months? Are there ways that someone in the position you're hiring for could help address those challenges?

(source Johanna Rothman's this Blog Post:

ii) A year from now, how will you evaluate if I have been successful in this position? (Source : Louise Fletcher's Bluesky Resumes Blog)

iii) what is next step? Where will we go from here?

Suggestions, views and comments Welcome


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Context Driven thinking in Testing ...

I have been discussion/arguing with BJ Rollison on the issues of "Schools of testing" here ...

BJ is suggesting to end the seggration of four schools of testing - which I strongly disagree.

James Bach blogged on this here

and look at this simple explaination (by James again ) of equating adapting to a context to "parenting" here ...

"There’s only one context that matters– the one that you are in at the moment. If that changes, then you adjust accordingly. It’s like parenting. You don’t have to figure out how to parent every child, just the ones that belong to you. The context-specific attitude says adapt to your children and then stop adapting. The context-driven attitude, taken to its logical conclusion, is like a child psychologist’s approach. Child psychologists need to know how to adapt to any given child (normal and strange) who walks in the door.

For the same reason, if you figure out how to report coverage on your project in a way that works for you, you can’t assume that the same method will work for me, nor do you need to worry about whether it would work for me. You can’t tell me “James, I have discovered the right way and you should do it my way, too.” What you say, intead, is “James, would you like me to describe some experiences I’ve had with coverage reporting? I feel good about how I do it, over here in my project.

Expect more on this in coming days


Hola SPAIN - QA&TS international conference and me ...

Hola SPAIN….

I was at Bilbao, SPAIN for a QA&Testing conference on embedded system – oct 18-20. I spoke about “Test case design and Automation” – a topic that I am working on since last 3-4 months. My talk and others in Test automation track were the ones that focused on “non embedded’ software systems. This paper was an initial attempt to explore the two big, complex and more of mis-understood concepts in software testing – “Test case design and Test automation”. I will be continuing to work on this topic and explore more about these. I was also given an opportunity to express my views about “Future of software testing and Challenges” at a round table discussion in the one the evenings at the conference.

I met few nice and interesting people in the conference – Paul Jorgenson, Scot Barber, Ray Arel, Doron. At lengths, I discussed with these people about various topics ranging from automation, Test design, Testing and automation in Embedded systems space.

Paul Jorgensen,(Author of the book "Software Testing A craftsman’s approach") - with his depth of experience in testing (both from Working Telecom industry and University experience), was a pleasure to listen and discuss. He gave me a patient hearing for my bugging questions on topics related to test design. His presentation on “All pairs testing” was one of thought provoking papers of the conference.

Ray Arell of Intel was very lively and quickly mixed up with group and I never felt that we were meeting for the first time. His presentation on “How to expand and improve your Test capabilities” was another great presentation of the conference. Ray is a highly experienced professional with about 21 years of exp and has to his credit a book on the topic “Change based Test Management”. Ray with his witty comments, kept the participants hooked up to him all the time. My discussions with him were related to testing and related practices in microprocessor/Semiconductor industries. We traveled together right from Bilbao to Bangalore.

Scott Barber ( managed to be at the conference on the second day and was another interesting person to meet. Scott’s proximity with people like James Bach, Michael, Bolton, Cem Kaner, especially made me to spend more time with him and understand his current areas of interest. He is performance Testing Guru – gave lots of good tips and hints to me on the topics ranging from Performance testing, Test automation, Challenges in Independent Test consulting and future trends in Test automation – which prefers to call as “computer assisted Testing” (Which I agree with him). Thank you Scott - for all those valuable suggestions that you gave me.

One very pleasant side effect of my presence in this conference was ‘exploring” the beauty of city Bilbao. I am nature freak and love to hang around greenery, water bodies, lakes etc. Few locations in Bilbao provided me a perfect opportunity to be with the nature. I struggled with language at few occasions and that with the food – it was difficult to find a 100% veg food that I need. Conference organizers at every dinner and lunch – made special effort to some closest Veggy food for. They did great job at making this conference. In all, it was a very enjoyable and knowledgeable trip for me. I definitely look forward to participate in QA&Test Conference 2007 … bye Bilbao till then.