Wednesday, February 16, 2005

What would you choose?

As a tester often you need to choose between delivery ( customer satisfaction and quality) and "process compliance". If given an opportinity - which one would you choose and why?


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Top 5 categories of prime focus areas for successful IVV business

I happen to discuss IVV ( independent verification and validation) with one of my friend and thought following things that are important for a successful IVV business. This is one area that growing where more and more IT service companies are getting into.

1. Process
a. Engagement
b. Contract
c. Model for Test estimation
d. Internal process for test execution
e. Test Automation

2. Quality
a. Metrics - process and tools for measurement
b. how IVV offering quantifies the quality
c. Test escapes - how to deal with them

3. People
a. hiring and team building
b. Training and retaining people with specific skills
c. Sound strategy on avoiding people burn out
d. Management support
e. Strong and visionary leadership

4. Knowledge management and IP
a. KnowledgeBase for capturing bugs, patterns, Execution history.
b. IP for test techniques and procedures.

5. Marketing
a. Branding of IVV offerings.
b. Wide portfolio consisting of Functional, Domain, performance, security, compliance testing etc.

I am planning to add more to this post I work on this