Friday, July 23, 2004

Welcome to my blog.

My name is Shrini Kulkarni. I am software tester, currently working as Test lead for Law and corporate affairs IT (LCAIT) arm of india at GDCI (Global delivery center India). I joined Microsoft in April 2003 and since then enjoying every moment here at this great organization called Microsoft.
On the personal/Family front, I am married to “Padmapriya“ and blessed with two daughters - chandrika (8) and Avantika (10 months). I am currently residing at hyderabad - the perl city of India.
My passion - Software testing. Make software testing better and predictable. How to make testers not stumble on bugs but to find them in planned way. Use software testing to make better software - help developers to built the quality when they develop.

Keep coming, more stuff is awating for you.  Writing to this blog is inspired by my buddies Kiran and pratap.

Few blogs I read are - Cem kaner, Bret pettichord, James Bach, Brain Merick