Sunday, July 23, 2006

W3C Markup Validator ...

Michael Bolton ( mentioned about this tool while we were having lunch together at Toronto. I was looking for ways to assess, report and hence improve the Testability of Web applications and hence improve automatability. I found this to be something that is close to what I was looking for.

Using this tool we can verify the web pages of the application against W3C and other Web standards.In my opinion, confirmane of web applications to standards like W3c are useful from following aspects

1. Application upgrades and future enhancements in platform and core technologies - will become less painful and provide cost advantages. For example - using new web/application server, supporting new mobile platform, Technology upgrades in J2EE and .NET.

2. Improve Testability - This is a big issue in Automation. If the applications that are candidates for automation are not built for testability ( simple things like having unique IDs for gui controls and Windows so that automation tool can recognize them) - automation will be difficult and will cause lots of custom code to be written. At the end in terms of both development and maintenance of automation solutions for web applications.

In addition you can also find other free tools at


Friday, July 14, 2006

Some web security related stuff

Information about 3rd party cookies

Using hosts file to block third party cookies

General Secutiy Issues in windows and IE