Sunday, December 30, 2012

Where do you stand in this debate?

Inspired by Elisabeth Hendrikson's blog post 

[Updated 25th Jan 2013]
I am disappointed to see no responses to this post. While I expected some responses in agreeing or disagreeing. Whenever I see such condition where my post does not get any comments - I think of following possibilities (thanks to Michael Bolton)

1. The post is not very engaging - there is way too much information there. Everyone and every thing is seeking attention. This post simply failed to get any
2. Its dumb idea - completely useless
3. Post is simply a question which either is too simple to answer (so no one would like to feel insulted by answering) or something deep and intriguing (why bother answering)
4. Why Author is not saying anything? Trick to get some free survey done for some homework?
5. No comments

I will attempt to expand on this topic sometime in the future. This situation made me to learn something - no comments - will make you think.

Dear readers - thanks for not commenting and teaching me something.