Thursday, June 16, 2005

Interviews, failures and being yourself ….

Continuing my tips on interviews, here are some very interesting observations on a job seeker in the interview. Louise of blue sky resumes , makes important points about interview -

  • It is not a test where job seeker has to pass or employer to fail/raject a candidate.
  • It is not about giving “right” answers and impressing the interviewer but about “being yourself “and giving answers straight from your heart.

He points out that a job that was obtained by some kind of “faking”- will eventually be a disaster for both job seeker and employer - as fundamentally there was a “misfit”.

I see this post carrying a distinct point of view about job interview -- it discourages the approach of “impressing the interviewer”and makes a point to look for a match between job requirements and intersts and capabilities of a prospective candidate.

Louise signs off the post with these words “If they don't choose you, chances are it wasn't the right fit anyway”. This is a practical way to fight blues of “rejection”. I personally have gone thru few such occasions and was rejected for some jobs when I was in desperate need of job. Now when I see those situations in retrospect, I am happy that they rejected me. There was “misfit” in those situations.

Gretchen, a Sr. technical recruiter at Microsoft, echoes on the similar lines

On a totally different line – don’t forget to checkout this post from monster on “exit interviews”.

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Hi Shrini,

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