Friday, June 17, 2005

Another classic definition of Testing ....

After reading chapter 5 on Automation testing of all time favorite book on testing - "Lessons learnt in software testing" and this interesting thread of discussion on "software testing" Yahoo group discussion – let me re-define “software testing” or its objective as follows

"Software testing is a questioning process that is aimed at getting information about the software product under test"

Based on what kind information one wants to know about the application under test - testing takes different shape - hence we have different types, levels of testing.

This definition is very simple yet very powerful.


Anonymous said...

I have since refined that definition a little, to make it more memorable and quotable:

"Testing is questioning a product in order to evaluate it"

-- James Bach

Jen said...

A definition I've used: "The role of the test team is to provide information for management to make decisions on the quality of the product."