Saturday, December 13, 2014

Being away from blogging

Ten years since I posted my first post - it has been a long journey. Some years very active with many posts and some very lean - like this year. I want to avoid creating a weird record of having exactly one in 1st and 10th year. This is not so happy state in being.

From work-wise this has been a very hectic year for me. I get very little time (including the week ends) to reflect and write. Some if it is attributed to writers block and some of it is related to the puzzle of what to write.

Recently I spoke at QAI STC conference on "Feynmanism for testers" - a phrase to indicate "Feynman" way of thinking for testers. I had about 30 mins to cover the idea like this. I surely, struggled to make justice to the topic. However - I had some very interesting discussions and met many nice people post the talk. So - my talk did touch few of these people who overcame their hesitation to come up to me and talk.

It is nice to see many of these conferences posting conference talks on youtube. While I wait for this year's STC video appearing on youtube, you can check out my 2012 talk here.

I am planning to start small 3-5 mins video podcast sessions on testing topics as an alternative way to keep this blog going. One very personal reason for this is to improve my presentation skills. Watching yourself doing a talk can teach you lot as how to improve the same.

Let us see how this goes... I thank my readers for their interest shown on me.

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