Saturday, November 17, 2007

Further on Testing as a career ..

Following this post on career in software testing , I found an interesting comment/viewpoint from Jeff Fry's post (more preciously a comment to his post by one "Steve Sandvik") on "why do you enjoy testing".

Jeff Fry's post itself is a very good post that goes in details about "Testing, Career, Enjoyment and few suggestions for tester to stufy read".

Following are Steve Sandvik's comments that worth "consideration"

"...Yes, it may be my first formal job testing software, but as so many people in testing like to point out, nearly any experience or learning has some translation to testing, if you know how to apply it. 15 years of power plant operation and maintenance experience provides an awfully large number of troubleshooting and investigation opportunities.

Identify the fields outside of your industry where, for lack of a better description, good forensic skills and an agile mind (not to be confused with an Agile mind) are at a premium. Industrial equipment field service, process and generation operations, and auditing are a few I can think of off the top of my head. "

And these comments about "in-born" testing qualities

" ...I’m not sure whether truly great testers are born or made, but I think there’s at least a component of most of them that falls firmly into the born camp–in the same way most writers would write whether or not they were paid to do it, I suspect that most people who seriously take up testing as a career for its own sake rather than as a stepping stone to something else approach the world in a certain way even when they’re not formally testing. I know I approach things from what seems to me to be a testing perspective most of the time."

I am filling my blogs with few interesting career related suggestions ... I hope my blog readers are enjoying ...


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