Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Blink Testing and power of Human brain ...

James Bach has posted this excellent post on what he calls as “Blink Test” - which is about exploiting human brain's power to process huge data in seconds and find out patterns (good or bad). Software testing is more about thinking and questioning. One who is curious and one tries to go beyond the obvious will become a successful tester. As human beings we are greatly blessed with power of thinking and our brain is capable of storing and processing data at “super sonic speed” and give amazing results.

In the post, James presents a movie that demonstrates with a sample application how one can perform blink test by exploiting the power of our brain. In the post he gives few examples of using this kind of testing (or investigation) like paging through a long file super rapidly. On the face of it, it looks that one is processing a huge data in a small interval of time – may sound futile. But believe me, as James demonstrates in the example, it really works. Can you imagine running about 700 odd tests (need to watch the movie how this was made possible) in about 5-8 secs time and find bugs? Efficient and quick testing right?

Great post James.

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