Saturday, December 10, 2005 ?

Hold on !!! this is not the name of my new website nor this is another site I want you to rush and have look at. Then, What the heck is this? Read on ....

At times, when you as tester are frustrated - as you were not able to find bugs - might have done something funky, totally out of box, or outrageously creative or totally un-imaginable and that led you to some interesting bugs? When was it that jumped out of the chair and yelled “Eureka!!!! I found a BUG - Look at this?"

Something on the lines of Shoe testing as James Bach mentions in his Rapid testing class?

One such I was trying to do was similar to Shoe testing. I was testing an application screen that lists some items where the number and status was constantly changing - something on the lines of Flight arrival and departure status in an Airport Gaint Display screen. There was button for "Refresh" I just used a pen top or a clip to stick "enter key" and so that stays pressed - before doing tha I started monitors like Filemon, Task manager at performance Tab ( CPU usage and memory) and left for lunch.

When I came back after an hour so, application had died with some weird message. Looked like a memory leak issue. No would have imagined that application would be used in this way. Through this I came to know about some interesting about the application - very unusual type of testing but some times powerful. Developer might react to this and say “No would ever do this?” “This is not a typical user scenario”. I say – "Look this weird test exposed some unknown behavior about this application which none new till today. I leave it up to you whether you want to fix it or not”

Have you come across such crazy test ideas? Do share –

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Anonymous said...

We were testing a utility in year 2000(developed in VC++), which should purge all the records on specified date and time, from the data base to a flat file. The test cases were written to check whether the utility purges the records for different dates (like Years 1999, 2000, 2001, 29th Feb during leap year, 31st Jan etc.,) and time (like at 00:00 hrs, 00:01 hrs, 23:59 hrs, 11:59 hrs, 12:00 hrs, 12:01 hrs etc.,)

A crazy bug was reported by one of the tester in my earlier team. He had set the time of purge as some date in the year 2080, and changed the system Date to the year 2080. However it was found that the purge did NOT happen at that specified date & time. He tried other combinations and found that the peculiar behaviour is happening at the dates beyond Jan 19th, 2038 {At that point of time, none from the team was aware of the 2038 problem} and this was reported as a "Critical" bug.

The developers as usual, made a comment in the bug report, that this need NOT be fixed, since the usage of the present version of the software as per their analysis was only to the maximum of 10 years and hence the bug was NOT fixed.

The funniest comment made by the PM in the bug report was that "I will be the most happiest person on this planet, if the software is still being used in the year 2038. As usual, I am pessimistic and hence I don't think this will happen and hence this NEED NOT be fixed.