Saturday, December 24, 2005

AJAX - Making web experience more interactive ..

AJAX - A technology of bringing desktop software experience to web users. In this it is possible to do the things like editing data on client browser and get an update without web server resending the updated information. Be it “Editing photos on Yahoo photo albums” or using “Google maps” - it AJAX at work. Ajax is not a technology in itself, but a term that refers to the use of a group of technologies together.

AJAX - stands for "Asynchronous Java Script with XML". Java script is a default scripting model for web pages that is used to perform most of the client end data handling, rendering and other local processing. This when combined with XML can transfer the things greatly

AJAX is often considered as a threat to Macromedia's Flash Technology. Flash is more popular technology for rendering dynamic content in the form of multimedia, video based content at Web pages.

Companies like Microsoft, AOL and Amazon are already off the block in deploying this technology to spice up their Web sites. There is an increasing trend in web designers to embrace this. Ajax applications look almost as if they reside on the user's machine, rather than across the Internet on a server.

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