Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Vision of an expert Tester?

Have you heard any skilled tester claiming this Vision? "I can test any thing, under any conditions and under any time frame". I do. Read this another "James Gems" article. Very cleverly he supports this tough goal with qualifiers. What would you do as expert tester if asked to test a nuclear power plant in 30 minutes? How will you react to test "IBM's Deep blue Chess software" in 2 hours? James gives few hints in this article as how to handle such seemingly impossible testing goals.

BTW, thinking of it, all testers should slowly march towards developing ability of "Testing anything, anywhere, under any time frame". Yes with your own qualifiers. It is a tough goal but worth pursuing – in my opinion.

Thank you James - for setting all skilled testers to this journey towards MOON - every tester is invited.


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Kiran said...

Nice article by James. Thanks Shrini for bringing this to us.