Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Some more interview tips - Questions that you should ask to the interviewer ...

Continuing from my last post on this topic, I would like to touch upon an interesting and important aspect of a job interview from job aspiraint's point of view.

1. Asking questions about Employer and his company
(Demonstrate that you have researched about the company and (already)know any publically available information)

i)Nature of business, Size, office locations, Company's history
ii)Company's achievements in the recent past
iii)Company's Financials
iv)Organizational hierarchy and the where the position for which you are being interviwed fits
v)Information about competators
vi) Ask about customers and company's standing in it's operating domain
vii) Company's future plans about consolidation, diversification, expansion etc

2. Other high impact questions

i) What are the immediate challenges that you [the manager doing the interview] are going to face in the next 3 months? Are there ways that someone in the position you're hiring for could help address those challenges?

(source Johanna Rothman's this Blog Post:

ii) A year from now, how will you evaluate if I have been successful in this position? (Source : Louise Fletcher's Bluesky Resumes Blog)

iii) what is next step? Where will we go from here?

Suggestions, views and comments Welcome



The Avenger !!! said...

hi shrini,

one thing that i have seen here is a candidate will interview the interviewer only if he believes he has made it to the post.

Infact if i had a chance I would still hire the guy provided I feel he has taken the pain to sell himself to me, and interviewing me back is definitely a part of the process.

I am wondering what you would do assuming you are facing a candidate at this point of time......

Job Interview Tips said...

I guess your suggestions come with a caution. One must be able to gauge if the questioning is going down well with the interviewer.