Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Story of a Test case ....

A Test case or Test is an important entity that we as testers create/use/work with as part of our testing activities. What if a test case were to come Live like a living thing or Ghost and were tell it's story or it's life cycle ---

Here is how it MIGHT go ...

• Born – in word document or excel or in some text file or HTML form of web based test tool – very rarely in the minds of a tester.
• Some form of Reference document (requirements, design or Functional Spec) is considered to be my one parent while my other parent is Application behavior that I am suppose to check and verify.
• I exist for proving that my both parents are one and they don’t have conflicts.
• My body structure is such that when one of my parents changes it’s shape or form – I need to change otherwise I temporarily get dumped and do no exist –get invalidated.
• I live in different types - manual, automated, semi automated, documented, un documented, versioned and non versioned, In test management tool, in informal documentation.
• I am a countable *thing* though I differ from my siblings, cousins, friends in may ways.
• Named by a tester and pushed into some repository I have an ID
• I am referred in many ways like test, test case, Test idea, Test spec, Test procedure, Test pack, Test set
• Sometimes I am too detailed that a school kid can execute me by following the steps and sometimes I can be very tricky. Some time I become very lengthy and some times just a one liner – “Verify this….”
• Sometimes I have hard coded data and some times I will not have expected results. Some times my internal parts contradict each other.
• I get classified as “simple, medium and complex” so that people can measure time for creating or modifying, automating or executing me
• I get a graduate degree when I people start calling me as ‘Regression test” – I need to pass every time I get executed.
• Developers hate me when I fail and managers would like see only “passed” tests.
• Some times I am called unit test or some time end to scenario
• Some one will review to confirm that I am indeed born to my logical parents
• I tend to loose my identity when some one automates me and forgets me that I ever existed.
• Some tester adopts me and uses me and abuses me and cruelly compares me against my parents and declares that I pass or Fail.
• I just go into hibernation mode every now and then (when either or both of my parents change their form and shape)
• I am at mercy of tester to look for me changes that might be required to bring me back to life (from hibernation)
• When one or both of my parents change their form and shape OR when one or both of them die (Feature deleted form the application and reference document) – That is the end of my life – I get deleted.

Interesting Right?

What is the story of your Test case?



Vinayak Kumbhakern said...

I believe this is the story of my test case too. But in my story the terms test, test case, and test idea could be the same but certainly not equal to test procedure, test spec, test set :-). I wish we testers had some standardized definitions of the terms we use :-(

Anonymous said...

its awesome srni

I am in hibernation period right nw...So getting time to read ur blogs.

Like this one the most "Some one will review to confirm that I am indeed born to my logical parents"

Lemme add this abt my testcase

Just like any other children i suffer the most when my parents differ

tina said...


That was a sad story, but yes agree to it, that's the way it is...
Even my test cases wont have a different story, I guess most of us wud agree to it...
Good one... Shrini

Meeta Prakash said...

Good one !!

Poor test case ........ what an autobiography it has !! :)

Totally at mercy of tyrants like us !!

Meeta Prakash said...

Good one !!

Poor test case ........ what an autobiography it has !! :)

Totally at mercy of tyrants like us !!

Ben Simo said...

And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln

The same applies to test cases. Its not how long they last that gives them value. Its how well they serve during their lifespan.


Ben Simo