Friday, April 15, 2005

Sun's new programming language - Fortress

As I juggle with joining formalities and other initial stuff at iGate - my new company, I am back to blogging. Squeezing some time out, I started off reading some of fav blogs - one them happens to be of Brian Merrik. In one of his posts Brains talks about this guy - Guy Steele who is one of the leading figures of this new programming language initiative from SUN.

Look at this person's Bio - awesome. Reading some his quotes - I am really getting drawn towards this topic of Writing Language specifications. As Brian points out in his post, state tables are great tool to represent state machines.

Another interesting thing about this guy as pointed out in Brian's post is : he has a huge shower, in which he spends about twelve hours a day. I don't absolutely know that, but I deduce it from the time I heard him say he only gets good ideas in the shower.

As somebody rightly said "Successful people don't do different things but do things differently".

This language BTW, is touted to be better than Java - Another revolution in offing? Watch out for SUN.....


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