Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Dev - Test Relation ship

"testing is simply a non-deterministic task the outcome of which is somewhat unpredictable.' this is how Micheal hunter - describes in one of his posts. Dev - Test relationship has always been my fav topic. I am fortunate enough all these years to work with those 'understanding" developers who thinks that dev and test compliment each other. As I hear stories about dev feeling testers are "necessary evils", I feel that most of this due to historical reasons or due to the way some organizations look at testers. Without enough training, career paths - people are pushed to do testing - that is why we have lots of people called testers who made to this title because that failed in other area - mainly development. Micheal further says in his post about true dev test relationship that is based mutual trust and respect

"Every relationship is founded on trust - or the lack thereof - and this one is no different. Remember that you're not just fighting stereotypes about testers ("Testers can't code." "How hard can it be to find bugs?") but also about developers ("Developers write bugs into their code just to make my life miserable!" "How hard can it be to write bug-free software?") "

A collaborative dev test relation is sign of a good project team ...


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