Sunday, November 27, 2016

Tester or Leborer ?

A friend of mine sent a link to this article on PMP and Project Managers that brings out an aspect of our profession - testing so beautifully. Are we knowledge workers paid for our expertise or laborers?

How does whatStuart is saying about PMP and Project management apply to Testing? I believe, more than certification, testing profession is hit by the way we poorly define testing and adopt a model of testing that eliminates need for skill, focuses on mindless repetition of some documented procedures.

Time to reflect on. If we define and accept that definition of testing that systematically undermines skill element and focuses on process, tools, metrics etc - there is no doubt that we will become laborers.

Is testing rule based?

How much of good testing is rule based?

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Ajay Balamurugadas said...

I face this problem defined by Stuart here:

- I offer workshops on software testing for teams. The testing teams and their leads are happy with what I have to offer. Most of my effort is spent on convincing the finance/training department on why I charge so much for my experience/(what I have to offer)
There are cases where I have refused/lost a deal as I was compared with other training providers on price alone.

- (Most of the) People are not ready to put effort for the long term. They want instant results for the effort they put. Now, what is your advice for them?

- If the select few want to put effort in improving the skills and charge a hefty price for the expertise, the majority is not stopping them directly. Indirectly, they will reduce their price and beat us on the scale factor.

- Many are happy being laborers, should we inflict help ?

Finally, many want to improve, spend time on improving skills but are bound by other factors and pressure. As Jerry says - Testers need courage. The courageous one decide to oppose such issues, the wise ones focus on self and be an example for others.

To rephrase, not all courageous people are wise. Not all wise people are cowards.
It is a good challenge to be both courageous, wise & practical :)