Thursday, May 31, 2007

Skill Vs Technique ...

Mathew Heusser, wrote following lines for an article for Better software..

“…..instead of listing specific techniques, we might be better off listing skills …Once we have the skills, the techniques and terminology can help. After all, our community created test terminology as a servant …”

That is excellent point. In the industry like our where “terminologies and jargons” rule, focusing on skills would be greatly useful.

Skill - A skill is an ability, usually learned and acquired through training, to perform actions which achieve a desired outcome. It is more of a subjective attribute.


Problem solving
Critical thinking and General system thinking

Technique - A well-defined procedure used to accomplish a specific activity or task. More than one technique may be available for accomplishing a specific activity or task. Selection of the technique should be based on project approach, available tools, cost and time constraints etc.

Note that a skill denotes an “ability” where as Technique is a “procedure”. It becomes very easy for a technique to be lost in the jungle of jargons and terminologies – for skill it is less likely so …

Invest time in identifying and developing skills are important to your job …


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Madhukar Jain said...

Hi Shrini,

Very well and very truely said..Skills are very much required in todays scenario where we are lost in this world full with Jargons..