Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Support Keith - Find answers for questions about ISTQB and more....

Keith Klain is stirring the world of testing through some smart and witty comments about testing on twitter. I enjoyed his discussions with Rex Black and others related to ISTQB and other topics that are close the hearts of testers - especially context driven ones.

Here is what makes Keith a special mention - he is a Business/Technology leader (not a consultant) of a Bank and heads a software testing group. Unlike other testing leader, he talks more like a practitioner who does testing day in out (not someone manages someone who manages a team few of which are testers). It is a quite welcome change in the world of business leaders we see around.

Two things I want to bring to your attention about what Keith is doing.

1. Watch him debate with others on twitter and notice how gets people talking. In one of the tweet discussing about testing and confidence with Rex Black, Michael Bolton and others - Keith says (paraphrase) "For a change let us change our positions - how about you (Rex Black) arguing in favour of us (testing does not build confidence) !!!!

In a debate - can you take a stand that is totally opposite to what you have believed all in your life and see the world from that angle ? Confirmation Bias - No 1 Enemy for testers or that matter any intellectual - can be beaten by hanging around with folks that think differently. Well said Keith !!!!

2. Sign the petition that Keith has setup questioning some basic ideas about how ISTQB goes about doing its ("Non profitable") business. First of all read the petition and see if it makes sense - if does - please sign up.

Follow Keith (@KeithKlain) on twitter and watch out interesting debates he kicks off ...


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