Tuesday, June 16, 2009

To tweet or to blog ...?

Due to me crazy traveling and work, I have not been able to write as frequently as I would have liked, for the blog. At least half a dozen potential blog posts are waiting to see the light of the day from my side. It is just not working out.

I have been on twitter (for starters - you can take this as a quick blogging or microblogging) quite active in recent days. Happy to see many following me now. It is suiting me for now as I need not feel guilty of not being able to discharge my duties as a blogzen (no!!! this word has not yet been used by someone previously)of software testing blogosphere.

So till, I get to full time blogging - please follow my thoughts on twitter. I have added twitter feed on this blog to facilitate for my readers to catch up with what I am working on ....

Thanks for being my blog reader ....



Unknown said...

Here in Brazil I have a twiter too, and I love it becouse I can post a short news or idea on this microblog, that is diferent in the blog where I post about a PoC or explanation in software test.
I think that is more one way to improve and disseminate our work.

Best regards!

Santhosh said...

Thank you to have a twitter. All are speaking about software testing but nobody gives ideas how to use it in real time automation. I have gone through several definitions and worked for 1.5 yrs in manual testing.I am really interested to know more about automation and how to use it perfectly.

Maksim Grinevich said...

To post in blog you need more time to prepare text.

Posts in twitter just an ideas, but blog's posts need to have complete thought.