Saturday, April 26, 2008

I am a sapient Tester …

Here is my first and a very crude attempt write a poem (if it can be called as a poem) on sapient tester ...

I understand that testing is a sapient process *
(* A sapient process is any process that relies on skilled humans)
I question things around me
I model things to understand their behavior
I learn from related fields in testing (ones that are close require higher levels of human cognition)
I use my brain and I constantly try to improve my thinking
I don’t believe in rote processes that mechanize human thinking
I don’t use documentation, KA/KT* as essentials for getting started with testing
I can figure out my way in understanding the software I am testing.
I use automation as aid in manual testing not as a replacement
I use techniques as heuristics
I just don’t simply follow the written instructions and procedures - I question them
I collaborate with developers, other testers, users, support personnel and other stakeholders to understand wide range of perspectives.
I understand depth and value of human testing
I understand that by automating a test, I might be loosing some thing.
I am sapient tester... Are you?

Association of software testing (AST) publishes a magazine called "sapient testing"

James Bach wrote about sapient processes here

* KA - knowledge Acquisition and KT - knowledge Transfer


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Karthik said...

Rightly called a crude attempt :-), well you could have named it the 16 I's of testing rather than a poem.

I enjoyed it anyway.