Monday, December 31, 2007

7 Habits of successful Testers

Here comes the last post for the year 2007 - to be expanded later ...
  • Self Driven or high levels of Inner drive for learning new things – No fear of unknown.
  • Spontaneous – Thinks on the feet – Good in emergency response.
  • Agile and adaptable.
  • Love for Science (Physics/Chemistry), Mathematics and Philosophy.
  • Love for problem, Puzzles.
  • Hunger for self Expression – Writing, speaking.
  • Organized Skepticism and constantly challenge their own thoughts

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jmccaffrey said...

Good post. You may be also be interested in my take on the subject, "Eight Habits of Highly Effective Software Testers" at

and a short piece "Hiring The Best of the Best" by Scott Pitasky, the director for all Microsoft hiring, and Howard Dierking, in the February 2008 issue of MSDN Magazine. The piece will be available at

within a week or so.