Saturday, September 29, 2007

Simple things and me ...

World likes simplicity – Pictures, Colors, Sound, Odor are used to abstract some complex behaviors.

Consider following –
Software Project Status – Red, Green and Yellow
Project Size – Small, Big, Medium
Test cases – Simple, Medium, complex
Testing – Gather requirements, write test cases (some times even prepare them), execute them, check if the pass, if pass report and go home and if fail log a bug and go home

Automation – Create an automated script using the state of the art Automation tool. Store the script in test management tool and execute it from it. See the result logged automatically. If script fails (I mean reports failure), automatically make another script to log the bug

Knowledge Transfer – As simple as Fund transfer in bank. Transfer the relevant documents to the subject – transfer. If there are clarifications there always our best friend “issue list”, “action item tracker”, “clarification list” – many names but all is one.

Knowledge acquisition – As simple as one country invades and acquires another country. Just acquire – by force

What is common between each one of these – simplicity.

I become restless when

- People tell me about testing project status in terms of Red, green or yellow.
- People start approaching testing as sequence of actions – test design, execution, bug logging and regression
- People start describing a bunch of test cases or software features as Simple, medium and complex – SMC model.
- Testers getting classified as great, lousy based on the number of test cases executed or number (not the type) of bugs logged.

To me, all of these are simplifications of some complex things that we are trying to understand. My frustration is “Why things can be so simple”? “There must be something that is hidden behind this simple thing”

Imagine, if Newton were to think – when apple fell on his head – “No big deal – it had to fall so it fell down – Gosh – my head is aching. Why did sit bellow this tree?” Same thing applies to Archimedes. Jump out bath tub and run …?

While thinking about simplicity about some things that we deal with helps us to get started off – important to understand that it was just a beginning.

While testers and most of the managers are happy about such simplifications - a skilled tester is always worried about such simplifications and often attempts to find the loop wholes in simplified models, notions, beliefs, description etc…

Nature’s simplest things have hidden inside then greatest and deepest mysteries. That would a fascination journey – we just need vehicle capable moving into it – Our imagination and curiosity. Today’s skilled testers are blessed with this imagination and curiosity. The journey has just begun …

Do you think post has horribly and outrageously simplified the seriousness and intent behind the post? Well, I can not be too serious …

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