Thursday, August 10, 2006

A good bug report ...

Read this bug report for Mozilla Browser ---

What makes this bug report a special example ...

1. Clearly explains the background of a bug - with example
2. Makes a strong case for Why bug is important from user perspective .
3. Persuasive enough for a stakeholder press for fix.
4. Examples of other sources that give references.

As Cem Kaner puts it -- a good bug always makes developers to fix it. If you have managed to draw attention of developers, PM and other stake holders - you have made a strong beginning - make the bug report look appealing

BTW, is a best place to learn

0. It is an open Bug database -- A huge knowledge repository.
1. Good bug reports - look for bug patterns - learn from them.
2. Know about security Vulnerabilities and Brower issues.
3. Learn and brush fundamentals of Web and standards that make "Internet"



Anonymous said...

I would also like to add Business perspective alongwith bug's importance from User perspective

Jack Martin said...

Very nice and interesting post. I have even framed few ways to prepare a good bug report. Hope you would like it -