Sunday, November 27, 2005

why skilled testers do not like scripted tests that much ...

Jonathan Kohl, has posted an interesting article on "Scripted procedural test scripts". In the post, Jonathan takes us through a story line that points to developers. How about giving a “step by step”, clear and detailed set of instructions to developers and something that is written long ago before the development begins. Will it work? The development manager who heard this, said – “I would fire a developer who would need that amount of hand-holding”. Developer would decide what his best and do that based on good judgment and skill.

Yes exactly - why can not we apply that to testing? As a skilled tester would you like to be constrained by procedural tests? Would you like the hand holding? Notice the keywords that Jonathan mentions in the post - Tester's skill, Heuristics, Seeking for the information when it is not readily available, judgment, Mission of testing. They are very powerful.

He finally calls out for Skilled testers – Are you identifying yourself with Skilled testers community? Are you somebody who thinks that testing is about "Critical thinking" and interested in improving and nourishing that skill? If yes, read books, articles and blogs from James Bach, Cem Kaner and Michael Bolton. Here the websites for your reference...

James Bach -
Cem Kaner - and
Michael Bolton And don't forget to check out articles by Michael on They are like big bang on "Rapid Testing" and Critical thinking....


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